Journal Day 41

Which is better, dying in the year 1959 or the year 1983? A man named Carl Switzer died in 1959 when he was killed by another man named Moses Stiltz who later died in the year 1983. I look at these two years and think about how little difference it makes to have died in one year and not the other. There is virtually no difference between those two years, life still ends sooner or later. If I had to pick, I’d have chosen to live to 1983, to feel life for 24 more years. Actually, 24 years is longer than I’ve currently been alive for. But still, 24 years looks like an instant when you look at it from hindsight.

All my life up to my current age feels like a blink. I know I have a very high chance of dying in this century. The average lifespan for a male living in this century is 73 years. I have roughly 50 years left to live if I live the average amount. That’s roughly two more of my present lifetimes to live. Short life. I want to live to see the 22nd century. I want to be able to die saying that I’ve lived in 3 different centuries. How unlikely is that, though? I’ll have to live up to 107 years old. That’s a scary number.

I’m just going to compare my life to someone born in 1893 since I was born in the year 1993 and we’re 100 years apart. Let’s say this person born in 1893 is the same exact age as me today, and to keep things simple let’s call him Eighteen for being born in the 1800s. Eighteen is alive and well in December 3rd of 1916, I’m alive and well on December 3rd of 2016, and we’re roughly the same amount of days old.

From both our perspectives, the future is unknown and we have our entire lives ahead of ourselves. We don’t know when we’re going to die, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next year, we both believe that today is the present and that 84 years from now is a long ways down the road. We also see people living around us, we see people dying around us. We read the local news and see that the world is progressing. We work at jobs and do our best to further our education. We both look outside and see that the sky is beautiful and that we have this full day to live, that the future is unknown but distant and bright.

Now view things from my perspective. To me, 1916 is ancient history. So many events occurred since then that the year 1916 can almost be viewed as nothing, as a blip. I can look at this person and say “You were born in a year that happened so long ago that it doesn’t even matter anymore.” I can show him technologies that will blow his understanding of the world. The modern home computer wasn’t even conceptualized until 40-60 years after 1916.

From his perspective, no one had yet landed on the moon. There were no such things as computers. There was no such thing as television. There were no such thing as cell phones. There were no satellites. There were no laptops, glowing light toys, video games, colored screens, etc. A digital clock alarm clock that costs $1 today was more advanced than anything else during that era. They had plays in theaters in which live actors performed, we have movie theaters in which there’s all these special effects and scenes taking place in different areas of the world. If he saw what we had today, he would have believed his existence was a lie.

Now I compare myself to a person born in 2093. Let’s call him Twenty for being born in 2093. Twenty is also alive and well in December 3rd of the year 2116 and we have lived roughly the same number of days. To him, the future is unknown, December 3rd of 2116 is the present, there are contemporaries living with him who signify that era. Yet, when Twenty looks back to the year 2016, what does he see? Nothing but ancient history.

Right now I’d say the latest technologies we’re working on are: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Self-Driving Cars. I don’t know what those guys are NASA are up to. We don’t have anything powerful introduced to the general public yet regarding those above fields. For example, we don’t have anything good in the augmented reality field yet, the latest technology we have for that is the Microsoft Hololens development edition which is utter crap despite costing $3000+. We definitely have some artificial intelligence and some machine learning done, but they’re severely limited. Our current virtual reality is amazing, but we’re most likely still not where we should be.

For Twenty to look back on the year 2016, he would be disappointed while to me the technology we have right now is amazing. What is the iPhone 7 to him? What is a 16GB RAM, 1 TB Flash Drive, 3.8 GHz quad core laptop to him? I bring those specs up because I sold my Macbook Pro recently for $1450, have to ship it out today, and those are its specs. To me, that’s a pretty powerful laptop, enough to satisfy all of my computing needs for years until it dies. To him, it’s probably a joke. Possibly a $1 alarm clock in the year 2116 has much more computing power than that entire laptop which cost the original buyer $3500, I bought it for $1800, sold it for $1450.

So what magical technologies will the year 2116 have that I won’t know about? I can’t even imagine. I’m caught up on the latest technologies of today. I work in the tech field. I do a lot of tech work. I know people that play with these technologies daily. I 3D printed things back in 2014 when 3D printing was still brand new. I played with one of the first 1000 augmented reality headsets shipped out by Microsoft during its first batch shipment. I played with the HTC Vive a month after it came out. Even though I’ve tried all these latest hands-on devices without attending any tech conferences, I still don’t know what 2116 holds. That’s’ 100 years of technology. I can’t even imagine.

So what’s the moral in all this? That our lives we’re living right now is already history. Everything you’re experiencing is basically past. There is no present, there is no future, everything is in the past, you’re just reliving it all.

I feel ethereal. It’s scary to know that I’ll be dead someday and there will be nothing left of me, except my writing if they survive that long. From my age, I view life as still kinda long. I’m very young compared to most people, most people I encounter are much older than me, so I don’t fear. Yet, I shouldn’t waste a second. One day I’ll be one of those old folks walking around and when I look around I’ll see that everyone is basically younger than me. That’ll be the day. It’ll be the day that arrives soon enough. For now, I’m going to work on backing up my Macbook Pro and reset it to factory defaults so I can go ahead and ship it out.

Ah. It’s been several months since I’ve used this machine, and the interface and hotkeys feel so different from what I was used to. It’s frustrating to use now actually. I used to love using OS X but it just behaved so differently from what I remembered. I loved that POSIX was on it, I hated how the UI behaved. It just felt so slow and inefficient. If anything, Microsoft has it right with Windows. I think Windows 8 was the ultimate Windows operating system. Windows 10 is so bad, I don’t know how or why people have less complaints over it.

Cortana, the new tiled start menu, the notifications, the Windows 10 app exclusives, whatever other updates and changes Windows 10 has over Windows 8, I don’t need nor want. I am so glad, so very glad that Windows 10 is now a paid-only upgrade. I remember last year and the beginning of this year when my computer was constantly spammed with “Update to Windows 10 now! Last chance before this free offer expires!” Every time that window came up I became hyper alert because I knew a lot of people had mistakenly installed it without wanting to, and I didn’t want to be one of those people.

The worst part about Windows 10 is the privacy. There is no privacy on Windows 10. Anything you type is automatically sent to their servers which includes usernames and passwords. Any app or program you use, Microsoft will know exactly what you do on the app and exactly how much time you spend on it. Heck, they publish data on this all the time like counting out how many hours people spent playing video games on Windows 10 machines for example.

I hate the interface update too on Windows 10. It looks so terrible with the black task bar and mandatory “Cortana search” that takes up room on the bottom left. Then the way all the apps are centered on the task bar, it’s like they threw good design ideas out the window. I love the way Windows 8 has a full screen start menu. I love how the Windows 8 start menu button takes up a tiny amount of space on the bottom left corner, leaving me so much room for all my apps and programs I use. So I hate Windows 10 more than anything.

I hate Windows 10 more than OS X even though I’m not used to OS X. The way OS X is used is just so dependent on mouse controls that I truly despise it. I don’t like the trackpad of any laptop. I try to avoid using the mouse whenever I can, but OS X makes it mandatory to use the mouse if you want to use the machine. There is no dedicated button that opens up the start menu like it does in Windows 8.

Also the search functionality in OS X is the worst search I have ever, ever used. All I’m doing is trying to search for one file which was an excel document, and Finder couldn’t find it. I gave it the exact filename and it wasn’t able to find it. I had to install a third party program called “Find Any File” which cost $8, to find the file I wanted on the freaking Macbook. I am glad to have sold it.

Even though it was expensive and had “high tech” specs, which were overpriced by the way, it just wasn’t good to use. Plus Apple has a lot of restrictions on their machines. You can’t upgrade the RAM, you can’t upgrade the hard drive, you can’t replace the battery, you can’t replace the graphics card, all these things. For my Dell Windows laptop, I upgraded the RAM, I upgraded the hard drive, I upgraded the battery, and I upgraded the graphics card. The graphics card required me to take apart the entire thing, but I learned a lot, and the old graphics card failed so that the computer wouldn’t even turn on, it was either: replace it or have it die.

I am considering upgrading my machine to having 4x 512GB SSDs in raid 0. The only problem is that I don’t need that kind of upgrade, and that it would cost me like $600 at the cheapest. If I wanted to splurge, I could upgrade to 4x 1TB SSDs in raid 0 for $1200. But I don’t need the upgrade, I have 256GB free storage space on my computer that has a 476GB capacity, what would I need 2TBs or 4TBs for?

Plus my computer is already 5 years old, still running strong because of my constant maintenance and upgrades on it. That makes it sound like I know how to fix any problem on this computer, I don’t. At best I was able to solve this laptop’s graphics card failing issue by replacing the graphics card. However, if a transistor or chip or something broke on my machine, I don’t have the means to fixing it.

I would have to take the machine to a repair shop like I would the Macbook Pro. This computer has been going strong for 5 years. I will not be surprised if a tiny component breaks soon. It’s bound to happen.

Geez I just went off into a huge tangent. Anyway, today I didn’t really do much. I did go outside to drive to the post office to see which boxes could fit my Macbook Pro. The express mail box was able to fit it, so I brought one home. But then I found out there was already this box here that could fit it that I missed. So I’m using that box instead.

I spent most of my day backing up my ~500GB of Data on the Macbook Pro and then resetting it to factory defaults. It’s ready to ship now, just have to pack it up and ship.

I don’t think I have anything else to add. I’m just going to post this journal entry up, rest my eyes for a bit, and walk 2 laps outside without my glasses on (1 hour a lap).

Selfie for the day

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