My Personal Space & I

30 years old. 

1 relationship but still single? I love nothing better than to cuddle into a significant other half and fall asleep! On the other hand I hate people in my personal space , my safe zone , I will do anything to keep you out my bubble. This is incudling mum being in my bubble also. Ducking and diving to avoid someone coming too close.I put my hands up at the same time in front of me to avoid cuddles or you touching me at all. I can’t sit on the same sofa or sleep in the same bed. I feel physically sick, trapped almost setting my self into panic mode trying to work away past them without touching them. But I can happily have sex with someone (no kissing or sleeping in the same bed maybe irrelevant information?) I do like my own space I must admit! 

Can you relate to this? I’m open to any suggestions

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