Project Prom Dress

Prom is headed my way, and its time for me to look for a dress. Ive always thought prom was a stupid thing, that has no meaning to it expect for using up alot of money. Well, i thought again recently. I want to feel like cinderella for once aswell. 

I see all of my classmates posting pictures of their prom dresses. I look at them, some of them are the ugliest i have ever seen, some are pretty and i almost become jealous. I really want to get a prom dress that resembles my personality. 

The promdress I am looking for is not like something colorful and typical prom dress like everyone else got. I want to suprise people, since im usually so invisible anyways. I want a dark tone to it, but nothing scary you want to make myself a bit sexy and a vibe of dangerous. I want to come in scomething so elegant that people will look at me and wonder who that is. 

My height is also a big problem. Im one of the shorter people in my school. Its not really something that bothers me big time. But in a prom dress being tall is an advantage. High heels i will wear, but im not sure if that makes much of a difference anyway. 

Problem is, budget. My family doesnt have as much money as the others in this rich country. It kind of sucks, but my parents are hardworking and Im happy for all they have done. Just the fact that they are willing to pay for my dress is suprising enough. Now I just gotta find something classy but not too expencive. 

Gotta hurry up and find my dress!!

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