What’s my typical Saturday? I used to spend it running in the morning. That hasn’t happened as of late. Then I’d make a weekly menu, do my grocery shopping for the week, clean the apartment, and study if I had time.


Today was not a typical Saturday.

I had to take my mom to work and then go up to campus to meet my partner for our Stata project. Then I went shopping for a secret Santa gift and picked my mom up from work again.she wanted to buy dog food and that’s when I finally remembered I’m supposed to buy food today or I won’t have anything to eat for the week. I threw some stuff together, went home, wrapped presents and then made jello shots for the family party tomorrow. That’s when I was finally able to start homework. At 930. called it a night around 1215. Now I’m writing before bed. 

I saw that new neighbors moved in next door. Hope they’re friendlier, but just as quiet as the last ones.



I wouldn’t be so tired if I could just sleep.

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  1. I’m glad to hear it, RebelDemon 🙂 I know what’s it’s like to be in a dark place. I hope that you find your inner strength. You can make it through the tough times, I know it 🙂

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