The Journey that started this Journal

My friend and I decided to start a blog/journal on our adventures together. I really don’t think he’s going to follow through with his, but I think this is going to be therapeutic for me with the complications in my life right now. He nicknamed me Diesel (I’m a girl by the way), he said his reasoning behind it is because I’m into Jeeps and trucks… He’s into cars… I’m still trying to find a nickname that really suits him. This journal’s supposed to be called the adventures of Diesel and _____. But obviously I don’t have a name yet to fill in the blank. So anyways. We’re co-workers. well actually I’m his boss… to get technical. I worked a 12 hour shift and towards the end of it, he had called me because his tire had a cracked rim, and he’s been filling the slow leak everyday before and after work until he could get the new tires and rims off a guy from craigslist. The funny part is he called me because his tire was that flat, he couldn’t make it to the gas station, and that was the same day he was going to pick up the new set. We work night shift. So I was at work 3:30 pm until about 4:30 Am, then drove right over to where he was parked to pick him up. My dad has a portable air compressor so we decided to drive 15 minutes back to my house and grab it and bring it up to fill his tire. When we got back and hooked the machine up, the tire wouldn’t fill at all. Because he said it was a small leak, we seriously couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t holding air. We then decided maybe we could jack it up and take the tire off and take it to the gas station and fill it. So we drove 15 minutes back to my house to get a car jack. My family only owns jeeps and trucks… the jacks we have were not meant for low profile cars. the one I found in the garage though looked like it might have had a chance so we took it and drove all the way back up to his car. It wouldn’t fit. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said that he was upset because he seriously was going for the new set today and it would have fixed this all. He wanted to leave around 8:30 AM.. it was already around 5/6 AM when we figured out nothing was going to work at the moment. I told him to sleep over and I’d drive him in the morning. Keep in mind… I have work at 3:30 PM again and he had to be in for 4:30 PM the same day. We drove back to my house AGAIN and tried to take a cat nap.. but we both couldn’t sleep. So no sleep and we were on the road at 8:30 AM to get the new set over an hour away from my house. We drive there and the guy meets us there at 10 and we got the tires, THANK GOD. So now we know my jack wasn’t going to work under his car, so we stop at Walmart and find a low profile jack. We get to his car and couldn’t get the jack to work. We promised each other that this part of the story never happened. But I doubt anyone’s going to read this, and if they do, you can’t judge me because you don’t know me lol. We couldn’t get the jack to work. There was a little tag with directions on it that we followed and still couldn’t get it to work. Everyone I knew that could help works 1st shift and couldn’t help up out. We fought with it for awhile in the pouring down rain at his car and finally agreed to go back to my house 15 minutes away and try to get the jack to work there since we had shelter from the rain under the porch. I called my neighbor over who thankfully was home at the time and it took him less than a minute to show me how to work it. I never felt so stupid in my life. Neither did he. We both used jacks before and this one was different, but not enough to be that dumb over it. Our excuse is 24 hours no sleep will do that to anyone. Finally figured out the jack and went back to his car again. Still pouring down rain, we got his car jacked up and I pulled the lug wrench out from the back of my jeep and went to use it, and none of them were the right size…… at this point we’re both completely drenched… no sleep…. 1:30 in the afternoon… we couldn’t help but laugh at this point. So we hopped back in my jeep and went to Walmart 20 minutes down the road… again…. and got the right size…. finally got back to his car and got the tire off. The whole back of the tire where we couldn’t see was completely blown out which explained why the air compressor wouldn’t work. Got the tire on in enough time for both of us to go our separate ways to get ready for work and drive right back in for another 12 hour shift. During this entire adventure.. I’m pretty sure I drank 6-8 energy drinks which kept me awake enough to keep going and that was it. And one of the trips to Walmart was when we agreed we should start an adventure blog/journal. So here it is! Hopefully there will be more adventures to come with him, if not, I’ll have my own… Especially since I’m getting the new tires and wheels for my jeep this coming Thursday and will be off road more than on road to have some great adventures!

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