Crying out for help

I’m crying out for help yet I feel like I’m getting nowhere, Iv had close to no help for a year, been turned away by the crisis team even though I was suicidal. I don’t like who Iv turned into and no one will help me, I have no motivation, hardly go out and I self harm and Iv now started drinking more and on my own, I often think about taking my own life, it seems the only way to stop this pain but it upsets me that I thin that way because it’s not what I want, I just want the help to move forward and be happy, back to my old self, or even better a new me.

2 thoughts on “Crying out for help”

  1. No don’t think this kind of stuff please. You can talk to people here they listen. You can talk to me you can email me please don’t think stuff like this. I don’t know, I want to help you, how can I do that? Tell me!

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