Day 281 – Afternoon with my mom

Sunday, December 4th 2016

Today was good. I woke up to go to church and I applied to be an usher, so I’ll be greeting people at the doors, answering questions from visitors, passing the basket for donations, etc. Members of the church wanted younger people to start helping out with things like these, so now that I and a couple of other teenagers said yes, they’re really excited. The guy I talked to asked me if I was interested and when I said yes, he said he’ll put my name on the list and get me a paper with information on what I would do, and he said it in an excited tone and with a smile. Although it looks intimidating to me, cause it means talking to people and be capable of answering questions from them, I feel like this is the best thing to do. And it’d be nice to help out the church, especially when the members are excited about us helping them.

After church, I went to get lunch with my mom. We ate Teriyaki and went to find a bathing suit for when we go on vacation. We bought one for me at the beginning of the summer and I feel bad since it was expensive, but it doesn’t fit me anymore for reasons I can’t control, so. I tried many before I finally found one that looked really nice. It’s a black one piece with a sort of skirt. It’s really cute and isn’t filled with flashy colours my mom often picks out for me. It was expensive, as most of my bathing suits are, but my mom said she doesn’t mind, since she thinks it looks great.

Then she and I went to get ice cream and she recommended me that I should take computer science in college in case I can’t get into animation, that way I can get credits and try to apply for animation next year.

At home I helped out on the server, watched YouTube, ate supper, then tried studying for my cooking test tomorrow, but my teacher didn’t share with me one of the power points. I tried sending her an email yesterday, but it’s now 9pm and she still hasn’t, so I’ll tell her that she has to share it with me and that I can do it Tuesday instead.

I spoke with Megg Gawat for a while and we decided to talk every Friday night, and if that doesn’t work, Saturday evenings.

For some reason my grammar seems off today.

That’s all for today.

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  1. I wrote this:

    “We agreed on talking to each other at least once a week to see how the other was doing. Because of our hobbies and personality that we have in common, we relate to each other pretty well. I told her I was like her from the future, because I’d already been through most of what she’s experienced or will experience. I told her again that I hoped that we remained friends for life well into our 60s and beyond, she said she felt the same way. We said our good nights.”

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