December 5, 2016

Back from the cruise.  It was okay.  Glad I went but won’t be doing it again.  Very tiring as the spouse wanted to be doing something 24/7 and even though we gave the kids total free reign of anything they wanted to do plus unlimited credit card access they stuck to us like glue.  And didn’t spend a penny.  Seriously what kind of teenagers are they??


 His vacation here has gone better than expected.  Not as much fighting and stuff as predicted.  Today we found out where we’re moving to next come July.  And I think he’s leaving again as soon as we get there for 9 months.  Shorter than the 14 month one he’s on now but still.


I haven’t gotten a spare second alone.  Except for now.  He took the oldest to Walmart real quick.  I should catch a quick nap while I can.  I’m totally exhausted beyond comprehension.

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