Fire pt. 2

So I return, to explain more of this embarrassment i call my “Love” life. My dear John Doe sent me a message and i looked at it..wondering if I should reply, I knew he meant nothing but trouble. My heart, was pounding in my chest though, I love the trouble.


I respond hesitant, and to my surprise he apologized for being such a complete ass, back when we were together. With my big soft heart of course i accepted, he always kinda had that grip on me. He went on and on about how he was bored with his current relationship. The girl he was with, such a drag, cheated on him, then lied about being pregnant.


My heart fell, I thought by then he would have broken up with her, but i was wrong. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as i thought he was all those years ago. He explained how it was difficult to be with her because she lived in our home town, and he still lived so many cities away. I explained my situation, i too was feeling down, not being able to make many friends because i was in independent study, and was at an awkward age to just jump into a new group of people.


He invited me over, I asked what for, “Just to hang out, y’know catch up, it’s been a while.” Me being the complete blind idiot, I accepted his invitation. It had been so long but those dark, yet warm eyes never changed…chills went down my spine, i felt like everything was the way it was freshman year. No stress, no worries, I’ve never seen a face that has given me so much comfort, yet its so rugged and stern.


We went to his room, and talked for a while. We both couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, what do you do at a sort of thing like this. Every move felt so intense. We knew what we wanted, but we knew it was bad. I guess that’s one of the things we both really had in common, the disregard for other peoples feelings.



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