Today I did something crazy, I asked a guy out to see a movie. I never asked anyone out before, but for the first time I wanted to be able say at least I tried!  I blame it on the song,  I feel It Coming, I listened on the radio that got me inspired. His answer was sort of vague, or maybe I was too nervous to even remember what he said, but he hasn’t given me a set date and time for the movie either. At first, I felt relieved that now he knows my attention that I wanted to go out, it’s now just a waiting game to hear back from him! My friend suggested that I do a follow up, but I feel that if he’s really interested then he would let me know. I barely know him, I am not even sure if he’s seeing anyone or might be married, though I didn’t see the ring on his finger. I only met him several times when he showed me a few homes that I’m interested to see.  Am I being crazy to suddenly asking a guy out???? A guy I barely know, only met thru house showing appointments and probably talked less than an hour in total, but there’s something about him that made me curious. 12 hours later after our meeting in the afternoon, I haven’t heard back from him, now I am feeling that not only it hurts my pride, I am also rather regretful and shameful that I asked him to a movie.

To be continued with Chapter of My Life stories…………

Nighty nite

12/3/16 – Houston,  I have a date tomorrow!

An hour ago I spoke with him on the phone and I asked him straight up “btw, do you really want to watch the movie, otherwise I will find another friend to go with” and I told him that I just wanted to see a movie with no bad intention. So, we are going to meet up tomorrow to look at a couple houses and since he has no plan on Sunday evening, we will see the movie together.

I hope it goes well tomorrow, wish me luck!!!


12/5/16 – Last night’s dinner and date

Yesterday, we met for dinner and movie.  I thought we had a good conversation even though the movie wasn’t as good as I expected. I don’t know if I did anything wrong throughout the evening except being myself, but somehow I had the feeling that he just wants to keep it professional between us. I don’t think he wants to have anything to with me other that being my agent. It hurts, but I anticipated that could happen. Arrgh…why is it so hard to make friends let alone finding the right person!



  1. You should be proud for putting urslef out there girl, even if it didnt work out. If u didnt ask him out, u would have kicked urself for not trying. There is someone else better for u promise.

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