Left out

I was on a birthday on Saturday. It was awesome, and i was writing all of it in another journal page. Well, short explained: I felt really welcome in that group. I was thinking that maybe we could all do this again, hang out and have fun together. I even told the previous birthday child earlier today that we have to go hang out sometime again. She agreed. 

Later on today I saw a facebook update of one of my friends. It was a picture of everyone from that birthday on the playground near the mall. Including two guys Ive never seen before who are also complete strangers. I got really curious, I started to wonder when that picture was from. I cant remember it being taken on the birthday. Before i went thinking all kinds of depressing thoughts I went and asked my friend. 

Their meetup was planned. Everyone from the birthday was invited, exept for me. I got really sad, since clearly everyone there knew that I would love to hang out with them again. I dont really understand why I wasnt included with them today.. I didnt even know they were going to meet up at all. 

My theory is that they didnt invite me because I’m much more silent and chill than the rest. I dont run around and scream like they do, but that doesnt mean i ruin for everyone. Its hard to explain how I am. But im not boring (or atleast i dont think so). Maybe they didnt invite me because they didnt think I would enjoy? But that doesnt make sence since I already told them earlier today that I wanted to hang out like that again. Or the reason that makes the most sence, they forgot me. That hurts, alot. 

I dont get included with groups at all. But those two girls are like the ones that i get along with the most. They have always liked me and dont let me walk alone unless they dont see me. But like, today I wasnt included. I dont understand anything! Im so confused. 

Why didnt they invite me? Am I overreacting? Maybe they will invite me next time?

Funny how those two strangers was invited but not me. 

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  1. My dear, it is always best to confront your friends with these questions, and let them know how you feel, it might sound cheesy but if you ask them and they answer honestly then they truly are your friends, if they make fun of you for doing so they arent worth hanging out with anyways <3 You sound much more like an introvert and there is nothing wrong with that. We are all here for you if you need us! STAY STRONG

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