Living in the moment

Spoke to a lovely girl in AA this evening she is also in her twenty’s.  We are alike that we are not 24/7 hour chronic alcoholics, but we both suffer from depression and probalamatic drinking.  Both of us have alcoholics in our family and we are lucky that we have identified our problem with alcohol whilst it’s in it’s early stages.  If left untreated our alcoholism is likely to destroy our lives.

Referring back to my earlier journal entry on the topic of forgiveness.  I am going to try not to dwell on what could of been.  I am going to stop blaming others for my misfortune. I need to focus on myself, the present and the future.

I cannot change what’s happened but I can control how I feel in this given time.  If I co concentrate on developing myself I can achieve everything I could possibly wish.

It is my own responsibility to walk away from people who do not treat me to the standard I wish to be treated.  If I allow people to treat me badly and keep quiet about it I cannot blame anyone but myself.  I must learn to speak up and make people aware that I am unhappy when they treat me badly.  If I don’t put up boundaries people will be unaware that their bahaviour is unacceptable.

I need to be honest with myself and with others.  I will stop making excuses up for my behaviour and for others behaviour.


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