Middle School friends all over again.

Woke up at 12 pm did something horrible as soon as I got up. Then did
nothing in particular, ate Guava as morning breakfast then ate some
“Biyani” left over from last night. At 2 pm I was alone in the house
Mom and Sister went out for some work and Little Brother was at Model Town,
Dad and Youngest Brother were out of city for a Wedding.

After some time lazing round I started using laptop again. Stopped at 4:30.
Did some cleaning in the house and then offered prayer and then went to
Dairy Farm to get Milk. Got home and texted Ahsan.

I then went to Ahsans home and we talked for a while and then went to eat
“Shami burger” and then talked some more. Went to Malmo Bakery to get
a few things for Ahsans home. When we returned and were about to go somewhere
else we saw Umair going on his bike. A nice Coincidence. He stopped and we
all talked for a while making jokes and stuff. Talking about each other, teasing
and making fun of each other and some helpful stuff. Umair is working as a free lance he makes business plans. He left after a a while. I love when these kind of coincidence happen it felt like we were Middle School friend all over again. We all also talked about the Stand up comedy I did  a few days ago they both made a little fun of me and then gave me some pretty nice tips but that is how friendship is. 

I and Ahsan got on the bike with no destination in our mind and started to
travel on the road. Traveling very slowly, a person on a bicycle would have easily
crossed us, talking about our problem and thought asking for other opinion.
Sharing our new experiences, sharing our college experiences. Tallking about the new
friends we made and the good and bad that came with them.

Sometimes I think being a Muslim I have been saved form a lot of experiences and
feeling that other people suffer from, like heart break and all the feeling that
comes with it. I didn’t use to feel that way but after I joined GoodNight community
I started thinking that, and now I know that this is definitely the case.

It looks like Ahsan was not fortunate enough. He’s having all these problems.

So we just traveled around of a couple of hours went to eat “Pan” I would have to say
it is the “Cigarette” equivalent here in Pakistan. This was first time I ate “Tobacco Pan”
I had never eaten that before I had only ate “Sweet Pan”, it was a disaster first I lost
control of my head I felt like it was waving left and right I saw my shadow it was still.
Then I started having difficulty walking the same thing again I felt like my body swinging.
Then my legs started to go crazy and this point I realized the something, when we were
ordering the Pan the shopkeeper asked which kind I said normal, he then asked sweet or
tobacco I said tobaccon, he then said which one, at this point my friend said “302”.
This friend of mine doesn’t have good friends, they all do all sorts of crazy stuff, he
had probably heard on of his friends ask for a “300” and did the same, he on the other
had never eaten a Pan himself. “300” was the hardest Pan there is… that is what I believe.
I’ll conform that sometime… So after I started having difficulty even staying standing I
spit it out and soon as I did I vomited. There goes my Shami Burger.

We then again talking, discussing, in the same slow speed, came home. Those effects of Pan
wore off nearly instantly. “300” is definitely not for me I  am happy with the “Sweet Pan” and even that I eat once or twice a year.

Dropped him off at his came back to my house, offered my Isha Prayer and went to sleep.

Wrote this entry when I woke up in the morning at 6:15 for Fajar Prayer.

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  1. I’m a guy it’s written in the description… I don’t get it how is it interesting to a liberal American Women not I really mean it I don’t understand I would like to hear why my life seems interesting and listening to that would be interesting… Hope you would reply! 🙂

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