I have had vertigo.  Was unable to go to church today or play for the nursing home. I was flopping around the house like I’d been drinking all night, bouncing from wall to wall.  And I fell and scraped my knees.  It’s better now.  I googled vertigo and learned it can come from de-hydration.  So I’ve been drinking lots of water and yes, it has helped!  Hubby is also sick, with something more like flu.  Hope y’all are well. Please send me some love and healing thoughts.  Thanks!!

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  1. SavedByGrace please read “Boken Wings” entries she made two entries one yesterday and one today she need help. You can help her the best.

  2. Hey Grace. Thank you for your post. I honestly have a hard time imagining you tumbling around drunk, but that’s quite the image XD

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Vertigo can be dangerous since you could fall and hurt yourself, so please be careful. Go to a Doctor and get it checked out just to make sure you do not have an inner ear infection.

    The Smoky Mountains are beautiful! I saw today in the news that two young men have been caught and charged with starting the fires. Such a tragic loss because two people were idiots. I love the area as well. Since you and your family use to go there, have y’all ever been up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia? That is my old stomping grounds! I knew several little streams that held native Brook Trout. I miss those times, those streams.

    I hope and pray all is well with you and yours.


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