Talkung to myself… questions and answers

I can’t sop ruminating over things that have been done and said by him which make me feel both sad and angry.  I am going to write a list of my feelings and then answer them from a positive perspective.

Problem:I feel that he thought I wasn’t good enough for him.

Answer: He told me how good looking I was, other people said I was out his league.  I myself know that I am not a bad looking girl.  At the end of the day it’s not all down to looks anyway.

Problem: I feel as though I was led along then disposed of.

Answer:  I am responsible for myself, I should of followed my gut and done right by myself.  From now on I will prioritise myself and have more self respect.

Problem:  I feel as though I could never live up to his ex.

Answer: I have had this issue with every single man I have got close to.  I am incredibly insecure, the ex is not the problem it is my low self esteem.  I must focus on loving myself and becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  I need to conquer my jealously issues.

Problem:  It bothers me that you don’t seem to care at all.

Answer:  It’s a good thing that he’s giving you space as it means you can recover and gain your indepencany back.  He is an addict and it’s to risky to be around an addict when your in recovery.

Problem: I chased after him and was there whenever he clicked his fingers.  He still didn’t really care.

Answer:  People lose respect and take advantage of people who are too willing.  Use it as a learning curb for future, don’t put other people’s plans before your own.  


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