Day 282 – Catching up on work and losing some

Monday, December 5th 2016

Today was good and a little stressful cause of the work I have to catch up on that I missed.

I started off the day with cooking class. I was the first one there even if it was 5 mins before the bell, cause of the snow causing buses to be late. We had a good fifteen minute break while waiting for the rest of the buses. After that, we talked about our next cooking plan and started our grocery list. My group is with the friend I’ve been sticking with and the German exchange student. We are going to be making empanadas. I think I tried one at some point and it was really good.

After that, I went to programming class and Kohai passed me the math notes I missed. I took the period looking at it and asking her questions through text. While waiting for her to answer, I’d work on my website a little. Trying to make some unordered lists sit next to each other horizontally.

At lunch I sat with Kohai, I showed her some of my art, we talked a little about a question she asked and some other topics. We then had math together and we finished the chapter. I understood this part since it didn’t really include knowing the one I missed. We have a test Thursday so, as long as I practice for the next couple of days, I should be fine.

At technology I worked on my video and when I finished, Kohai cheered and as I was going to click save, she hugged me and my mouse slipped, making me click “close the project”. We both had a moment of silence and for a second I felt nothing, until I had no idea how to get my stuff back, so she started crying and a rush of frustration overcame me. I wasn’t mad at her, but just frustrated at how she perfectly timed her hugging me and for myself to try and save while she was. She went to talk to my teacher and I started crying a little myself because of the work I loss, and he called me over, knowing we’re not alright. He talked to us, tried to get my work back, but then couldn’t, so he comforted us by telling Kohai I wasn’t mad at her, and that she had a golden heart for offering to redo all my work (I said “no, don’t worry, I can redo it” and she raised her voice saying she will, which was a bit surprising, so all I did was sigh), and that it’s something that happens, and made us hug. I had to tug her on her sleeve to hug her, but that made her chuckle at least. Then we talked a little more and I said I did save previously in the past, so after going through some stuff, he found an old save. I lost half of my work, but at least it wasn’t everything. I have time to do it again anyway.

At home I worked on my math while taking breaks on YouTube now and then. I then ate and went back upstairs to finish math, and start studying my notes for my cooking test tomorrow. I was also taking breaks by watching Requiem For A Dream on YouTube, so everything is zoomed in for copyright reasons, and I couldn’t study after writing and highlighting only the notes I think that mattered, so I decided that I’ll take my programming class tomorrow to study. It’s fine if I miss a day, since I can always catch up.

Now I’m watching Supernatural and I wrote this whole entry while my dad took a long phonecall in the middle of it, haha.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 282 – Catching up on work and losing some”

  1. You should always use Ctrl + S to save so stuff like this doesn’t happen. Also she hugged you, your hand slipped, she started crying, and then you started crying XD. That sounds like something from an anime.

  2. Even if I did that, when he went to get it back, it was an old save. For example, when I opened it that day I was at 17secs, but when he managed to get it back, I was back down at 10-11secs. And xD

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