Im craving you tonight…    your lips have me hypnotized , the way you lick your lips when you see me walk into the room, mmmmm… has me squirming with excitement 

Thoughts of you swirl through my mind,   The  scenes race through me.    

The room is filled with so many people at this dinner party.   We’re surrounded by friends,  acquaintances and co-workers, but all I can think of is being used by you.   I can’t wait to leave this place,  and go home with you.  

Tonight I have very specific needs,  I need to be bound,  I want you to be gentle,  sensual yet stern.   I need you to take control.   Take me to our bed,  gently touch my lips with your index finger,  let me suck on your finger as you gently kiss my forehead.   Sternly pull my hair back as you kiss me hard and stick your tongue in my mouth,  mmmmmm….. let me suck YOUR tongue as you pull harder on my hair.  

You Draw my hands to your Cock,  you let me rub you through your pants,  I feel you getting hard, I want you to pull it out so bad,  but you make me wait,  your teasing me and I’m soaking wet by now.  You grab my hands and place them in front of me,  you place the black leather cuffs on my wrists.   They are beautiful,  they’re a luscious black leather with plush white cotton lined with chrome silver buckles.  The sight of them makes me squirm in bed,  you raise my arms above my head and I can’t help but moan, you ask me if I’m ready.  I say Yesssssssssssssss.

You blindfold me and then kiss my neck,  you drive me crazy,  i am so turned on right now I just want you to devour me.  I feel you standing in front of me,  you spread my legs wide,  I feel you over me,  you lick my nipples and start nibbling on them a bit as you run your hand between my legs,  my heart is racing,  you have me moaning out loud. 

Daddy i NEED you now,  please FUCK me,  I need you to ravage me,  please give me your Hard Cock,  I need you to fill me up tonight.

To be continued…

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