It’s alright to fail

Today’s journal is about failure.

I never really considered myself one of those people that is afraid of failure. I like to think I am very confident and life has always had a way of just being alright for me. I guess I have always felt like even if I fell down I could just get up and dust of. As a result, I’ve never been too scared of doing poorly on something. Until last night. For any college student in the U.S. reading this I’m sure you are aware that finals are upon us. For me last night was my final moment to cram everything inside my brain for the most difficult test I have ever taken. I knew I should have studied sooner and harder, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I did my best in the final hours to study, even though I knew it wouldn’t stick, and it was barely worth it. In those moments I was terrified because I knew no matter what I’d fail the test. The good news is my perfect record for always being right is still intact. 



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