No life

I feel like shit. By shit, I dont mean like “depressed” or like “sick”. Just like really bored and have nothing to do and with this strange feeling of messy. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe thats why I’m so emotional these days, I havent gotten much sleep lately.

I did not go to school today, mostly because I had to go to the dentist (twice a year thing). All I have been doing is walking around with loud music on my ears, watched some Korean drama and played some game. Ive totally lost all motivation to go out. Noone has been chatting me either, which sucks.

But hey, one positive thing today. My mother bought me Sushi! 😀

One thought on “No life”

  1. Glad you had one good thing today. When I was a child after every dental checkup my mom took me to the corner drug store and bought me a lemonade. ( we could afford that.) It was so special. I always remember it.

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