Work out makes me feel great

My Monday journal. Got back from an hour work out at the gym down on Wilshire. It was hard to go to gym again but I did today and had great time working out. Back home about hour ago. Such a great feeling to take shower after a workout. My stomach discomfort is went away too at least for this moment. This really makes me feel like I’m health again. I really need to make this a habit. It seems like the morning should be the better time for me to work out regularly. Gotta try that again.

Work was good. I set my daily goal in the morning and did that all as usual. Excited to see progress on new theme project. Gotta keep push it to actually make it happen tho! Lunch at the Udon place with team and skated back home around 7 PM. Work out at the gym and dinner at Chipotle on the way back to home. 10:45 PM now. Seems like I got a lot of things to do including updating this site but I want to make sure I have enough sleep till I feel better. So time for the bed. Goodnight all!

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