Begin With The End In Mind

I really didn’t have a plan to start an online journal as I had been devotedly writing on my notebooks since 5th Grade.  I like writing. It is my way of expressing emotions, random thoughts, attempt to answer my philosophical questions and also a way to retain information from my short span visual memory. But my problem is, I find it hard to organize my thoughts whenever I write. It seems that I just can’t structure the flow of my thoughts as much as I would like to. 

After watching several motivational videos and having to talk with successful personalities, I realized there is something in common among them. Beyond the undying willpower, discipline, networking and problem solving skills, their accomplishment is incorporated with meaning. Not only they were able to be excellent on their field, but they choose to effectively utilize their skills to genuinely help a part of the society. This makes their achievement to have a sense of fulfillment beyond personal contentment. 

As they say, “Begin with the End in Mind.” When starting of, think about your end goal as it will help you make your journey purposeful. Putting this thought in my context, I would like to be better in writing. I believe this is an area where I can be good at. Something that I can commit myself to work on, and strive to be better through practice and learning from my mistakes.  My goal is to write an essay per day, regardless of how short it is. The point is, I should do this regularly, on a daily basis.

Part of the reason  why  I  also like to be better in writing is because I absolutely feel lost right now. I don’t know what to do with my life. Maybe, this can also be a way of helping me cope with my anxiety. I do really hope it will. 

To cap it off, I would like to remind you including myself, no matter how lost you may currently feel, its alright. The situation where you are right now is what you exactly need to become a better version of yourself tomorrow. Its perfectly fine if you still don’t know where exactly you are headed to, just as long as you are taking a step forward everyday. Read a book, continue your Spanish lesson, cook a new dish, finish your online course, talk to a friend, meet new people, do the things you which fears you most, or take that new route you’ve never been to.  Be open, let your curiosity lead you to explore and expand your horizon. Keep moving, you still have a long way to go.


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