Breakaway from Unhealthy Relationships

If anyone is reading this, I wanted to tell you my experience.

I was with someone for over a decade, during those times I got isolated from the social life and only had a few friends. For a brief moment, I was in love, in love with someone who wasn’t the right for me, and I wasn’t the right person for him either. But we were together for over a decade, it was foolish of us that we thought we could work it out. Many arguments, apologies, tears in the last decade, at the end of the day we just made ourselves suffer and nothing really changed except more heartaches.

Not too long ago, I have finally found my freedom and ready to rebuild my social life, but it’s tough… want to meet new people naturally, thru friends, colleagues, church, etc. But once you reached a certain age, you’ll realized you don’t have big circle of friends, most people settled down, have family and your friends can only go out with you when it’s convenience to them. My best friend asked me to consider going to single meetings, though I dislike meeting new people that way, I believe that’s the only option for me.

The lesson learn is that If you are having a similar experience like me, you need to break away from whatever it is keeping you from your freedom, happiness. I always hear comment such “You’re still young, you can always do that later…”  That’s so wrong!!!  Life is too short and flies too quickly, I still can’t believe that we’re reaching towards end of 2016 in a few weeks, that means we all are getting older by the second…and if you happen to have a bucket list of what you want to accomplish in your life, let’s get started because 2017 is coming and no one is getting younger!

I really hope we can all live our life to the fullest and filled with joy. 




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  1. Amen to that. It’s a lot harder when you’re trying to break away from selfish family members. But this year I’ve learned no one can keep me trapped even if it’s the family.

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