Day 283 – Old friend saying hi, cooking and Megg

Tuesday, December 6th 2016

Today was eventful.

I started the day with technology. I finished my video with no problems this time. Well, I have a tiny bit more to do, but the most important part is saved and okay. 

After that, I had math, which we revised trigonometry for our test Thursday. I think I’m fine for the most part. It’s just understanding big word questions like “there is this building blah tall with a disco ball in the ground that’s blah big and blah so find the distance”. It’s always been the type of questions I struggle with though. At least most questions will be straight forward.

At lunch I passed a guy I knew in 7th grade that I had a crush on and he knew I did, and I haven’t talked to him since that time, but now since yesterday, every time we pass each other, he says “Hey, (my name).” I say “hey” or “hi” back with almost no eye contact and a smile, then keep walking, but it’s odd now. The first time I didn’t think much of it, but a second time, I start to sense a pattern. I don’t know if he’s hitting on me or what, but I’m not exactly interested either. I’m curious though that after 3-4 years he decided to say hi again.

I sat alone for a bit before a close friend of mine came to sit with me. Been a week since we sat together, so we caught up. She explained the stressful “fun” she was having at school, and unfortunately her cat died. It instantly reminded me of Picolo. I miss him…

Next class I had was programming class. I took all of it studying food facts about Bresil, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay, and taking breaks by talking to staff. When I finally arrived to cooking class, I didn’t do my test. Instead we were preparing for a big cooking thing. We’ll be making a full course meal for four teachers Thursday, so we had to prepare. At least that gives me time to properly study, instead of only properly studying 2 countries and running out of time, so cramming random info from the 2 others.

At home I played on the server for quite a bit and found myself being much more friendly to players. We have to anyway, to rebuild our community, but not only that, I felt just like being really nice to everyone on the server. Speaking of which, one of the owners actually knows Rickey Berwick, someone who is becoming viral. I was surprised to hear this and found it pretty cool. She got a shoutout from him, but was awkward while doing it, cause she didn’t want to look like she was feeding off of his fame after not talking to him in a couple of months, when that wasn’t her intention.

I got an email from Megg saying he felt like our conversations might not matter, since he writes a lot about our conversations and I write little. I felt really bad when be mentioned that, since it wasn’t my intention at all. I explained to him of course, and he understood. There’s several reasons that I told him, it’s because either we talk after I already posted my entry, that I often forget the majority of conversations I have with someone throughout the day unless I’m reminded and I don’t write my entries in detail (sometimes I’m tired and just want it to be over with, so I write it quickly and just state the big subjects). Also, our decision to be friends for life to support each other and in 4 years if we haven’t found anyone, to date, it’s a pretty new concept for me and it’s taking longer than I thought for my head to wrap around. Though, on a semi-unrelated note, I noticed in our conversations, it’s a little hard for me to really do anything. He’s already further ahead in life and seems to be already successful and knowing what he’s doing, so I can’t really help him with much, and when he gives me advice, sometimes I feel like I’m doing the “I know what I’m doing” teenager thing. Most likely because most things he said so far are things that I already know, and I’m the kind of person that gets annoyed if you tell me something twice. I’m trying to see where things are going. I’m hopeful about it, but right now it seems it’s not going anywhere much. I hope things start moving soon though.

I ended the day with Supernatural and now I’m going to bed.

That’s all for today.


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