Mental health assessment

I went for my assessment today, I was so nervous about it… the woman seemed pretty snobby to be honest, she sat and asked me stuff n the more I answered the more I could feel myself getting worked up n my eyes starting to fill, then I could let stop myself any longer I ended up crying, she didn’t even give me a minute to calm down, just passes me a tissue n continued her questions, I could hardly say what I needed to because I was upset and I couldn’t get my words together. She decided I needed trauma treatment for PTDS and she is putting me on the waiting list, 6 month wait!! No support or anything until then just got to live with my systems and depression until I get an appointment though it’s ridiculous! I don’t feel I can go another 6 weeks feeling like this never mind 6 months. 😔 I really don’t know how much more of this waiting game I can play, Iv already gone a full year waiting for counselling now I have to wait another half year. 

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