Went in to doctor appointment and nurse took blood pressure.  She got a very strange look on her face and re-squeezed the cuff.  It was outrageously high.  She took it on the other side and it was low.  Dr. came in and took it and it was slightly lower on right but she couldn’t get a reading at all on the left.  She scheduled another echo for January.  Since I wouldn’t  be seeing her until after Christmas I wished her a Merry Christmas and a happy HEALTHY New Year.  She wished me the same only she had a very odd look on her face.  I read into it that I wouldn’t be having a healthy one.  I left and went to the chemo area.  They took the usual blood for testing, retook the blood pressure AGAIN and asked if doctor said anything about not doing chemo today.  She didn’t so I waited for the drugs to come.  I waited and waited and WAITED.  Finally my oncology nurse apologized.  The pharmacy just read the doctor appointment and thought I didn’t have chemo scheduled.  More waiting while they  ordered the chemo drugs and prepped them.  Then another odd thing.  They stopped the chemo right in the middle to collect blood for a tumor marker test.   Maybe it’s all nothing, I don’t  know and won’t get any results from these upcoming tests until the middle of January.  So I guess yesterday’s meltdown could have something to do with the crazy blood pressure.  Scan next Thursday.


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  1. I am sure blood pressure can affect you and your moods in many ways. I’m sorry you have to wait so long to get results. You are still forever an inspiration to me! You are so brave and patient! God bless you and HEAL you. In Jesus’ Name.

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