Skate Tuesday

I was pretty busy at work by working on career page and a meeting for the new theme. Still need better art assets for the career page but got all content on there. For the theme tho, I think I need to put this up somewhere to show people to get this going. I know it won’t take that long just needs a good starting point that everyone could understand hopefully lol.

Got off the office around 7 PM. Skated back to home then headed out right away to skating meet up. Small turn out for tonight’s skate. 5 people skated around the city of Los Angeles for almost 12 miles. Absolutely fun and I really enjoyed the entire time except for the fall in the parking garage. I was going down pretty fast and slipped over on a spot of water or oil in the middle of the corner. It was so quick all I was remember was try not to hit my face or head which I succeed. Got freaked out little bit but I was able to finish the entire skate and have beer after the skate. It was probably the fastest speed I was going when I fell down. I can tell that my body will be sore when I wake up tomorrow morning. However, I can’t stop doing this! Back home around night and just took a shower before I go to sleep. Good day overall. nothing to complain! Goodnight all.

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