Day 284 – BBC Sherlock, empanadas and the server

Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Today was a good one.

I started off the day with math. The plan was to study for our test tomorrow, but I didn’t feel like studying, so I talked with Kohai. She also has been overworking herself with math (she always does), so I distracted her a little :p I talked to her about her Christmas gifts, which I kept talking to her in riddles about it while she tried to ask me questions, and I also helped her study a little for her English test. She wanted me quiz her again, but she had everything correct except for a tiny thing, so I knew she’d be fine and told her she didn’t need to do it again.

Then I had technology. I continued my video and I noticed I didn’t record long enough for the background, so after a while, the lighting changes. It’s too late to go back now though, so I’m just gonna have to deal with what I have. Also, the bottom of my body is cut off ever so slightly, so apparently I’m a floating torso now.

At lunch I sat with Kohai and she studied quite a bit of math while I messed about on my phone. I didn’t really have anything to talk to about with her, since I kinda talked about everything I had with her during math class. We talked a little about my cat and she would talk about whatever I was doing on my phone now and then. She also tried to make conversation a little by saying who she thinks might die in BBC Sherlock season 4. I heard that a major character is gonna die, so we think it’s Mrs. Hudson, and my other idea of who it could be is Mycroft, or Molly. Did I already talk about this? Don’t remember. But regardless, my reasoning is that Mrs. Hudson is one of the few people both John and especially Sherlock, would care about if she died. If they plan on continuing BBC Sherlock, then they wouldn’t kill off someone like John and someone more like Mrs. Hudson, where she does have a big role, but the story could still continue without her. For Molly, it’s the same case, but she hasn’t really been playing that much of a role as of late, so I find picking her being a bit boring. Now Mycroft, it’d shift the story a lot, so if they really mean major, then Mycroft is indeed major. Though the show would feel as if there’s something missing, it can still continue without Mycroft, just probably not as well, which is why he’s not the first one I think that’ll die.

Anyway, back to school, I went to cooking class and our group worked on the empanadas. I cooked the beef, then my other teammate wanted to cook the filling, so I kinda of helped with small tasks between the two, by getting items or cleaning the dishes. Near the end of the class, my friend was still busy with her dough. Our teacher took a while at the beginning of class talking, so she didn’t have time to finish. I asked to stay next period with her to help out, so we kind of just talked about our times together in 7th grade, joked around and worked on filling the empanadas and putting them in the oven. The beef was good, but when I got home and tried half of one, the dough was a little raw, but still good. My mom seemed to like it too.

At home I played on the server for a bit, watched YouTube, ate supper, studied some math for tomorrow’s test, added Pixelmon to my USB key cause my school unblocked so I could possibly play at school and I helped out on the server. There’s a lot of new players, which is really good! The other day I also picked a date for me to watch over the server for a week like the owners and I planned. It’ll be the week after this semester’s exams, so some time in January. It’ll be the beginning of another semester, so it’ll be fairly easy, and the server would have most likely picked back up on players then. I’m planning on making a list of any significant things that happen on the server so they have an idea of what happened while they were gone. It’s gonna be exciting yet intimidating being the owner for a week and having to deal with all the problems and not have the owners to ask for help unless it means something like restarting the server.

That’s all for today.

6 thoughts on “Day 284 – BBC Sherlock, empanadas and the server”

  1. “so I talked with Kohai. She also has been overworking herself with math (she always does), so I distracted her a little :p”
    You’re evil 😛

    “I continued my video and I noticed I didn’t record long enough for the background, so after a while, the lighting changes.”
    You can loop the background right?

  2. No problem. I’m glad to have met you, you’ve eased up a lot of my thoughts on the future knowing that we both support each other. That gives me more time and head space to focus on other areas of life. Also you’ve made my journal entries and life a little bit more exciting. To our futures 🙂

  3. Mary? 😮 Hmm, I can see why that’d be a good choice, but in the trailer it shows Sherlock crying, unless they were clever about putting that and that together, since I do remember someone saying Sherlock crying and the hospital scene isn’t from the same scene. And I don’t think they’d make Johnlock a thing or where one likes the other without the other loving back, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made Sherlock gay or bisexual 😛

  4. No clue, guess we’ll have to find out. And there was nurses where it was John’s ex girlfriends, but the last one was too blurry to see, so we don’t know. And that’s good!

    Anyway, I don’t wanna go too much into it since I don’t want any more spoilers 😛

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