Feeling great

Today I am feeling really positive.  I met up with a girl who lives in a city not too far from the one I am based.  She is also an escort.

We stayed in a really nice apartment and worked.  My phone was much quieter than usual, I managed to see two clients both were lovely, and I left this morning with £240 GBP profit.  It was easy money! 

I really clicked with the girl, she has a lot of similarities to myself.  She has also given up drinking due to it having a negative impact on her mental health.  We have already booked another couple of working trips before Christmas.

Im really looking forward! It’s much nicer working with company, and as she doesn’t drink or take drugs it will be easier for me to stay clean.

Every day I am learning more about myself.  After banking last weeks earnings I still had quite a lot of cash remaining in my handbag.  Rather than blowing it on superficial crap I went and stocked up on books.  I am really enjoying my reading at the moment, I find it really soothing.

I no longer feel angry and bitter I’m beginning to look forward to what the future may bring.  For the first time in months I am becoming financially stable, and I am beginning to make new friends.

Relying on one person to bring happiness into your life is unhealthy.  For too long I relied on two things to bring happiness into my life, alcohol and a man.  

For me to be happy I need to have hobbies, friends who I feel comfortable around and can be honest and open and I also need financial stability.




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