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Reason why I mostly walk alone when Im in school is because my old group of friends that Ive been with since 5th grade, decided to split apart. I dont know what happend. We are all still friends, but the two of them got together and just like gained new friends (which is ok). But whats not so okay is that their just like ignoring me making it really awkward. Even if im walking or sitting alone they dont care. Or if im just like really sad, they just dont care like we were never friends at all. We all used to be so close but now everyone went their ways and I’m just like lost in between trying to figure out which way I should go.

I decided to ask one of them (whos ignoring me), whats happening. She didnt realise something was off she said. And she ment I was overreacting on it all. Maybe its not that big of a deal for her, since shes got so many friends and everyone love her. But for me its a really big deal since i get so emotional attached to people and I dont really have many other friends to go to. 

The convo between me and her went really badly to be honest. I kept asking why they are being like that. She started calling me bossy which is why she doesnt like being friends with me. She also started complaining that I dont do anything to be friends with her, that only she says hi and that only she does the important stuff.

This really botherd me. I dont know if its true. The bigger part of me believes she was just making up those things to make me sound like the bad person. Ive always been there for her and we always share secrets both fun and bad. It got me confused. She kept saying “and im allowed to have other friends too you know”. I know that. I’m not keeping her from having other friends. They have always had other friends around them. But like the thing thats not acceptable for me is the fact that she just completely ignores her old friends in order to pay more attention to her new/others. 

I guess thats just how its going to be now. It’s okay. Her reasons seemed pretty though and I dont want to force her into being friends with me if she doesnt want too. Ive never been the popular kid, the one whos friends with all. Im not very social either. Im very talkative when im with them tho. I guess thats just not enough. I have problems i realise, but like I dont know if i can change the fact that I’m silent. Jeez this is complicated. 

She was botherd by the fact that I dont seem to show interesst that I want to be friends with her. I didnt quite understand at first since we have been friends for years, we have been through this part a long time ago. But then again, im a pretty stubborn person aswell. If you dont make contact with me first i will most likely not talk to you until you do. I usually dont make the first step cause i feel like im bothering people. I have to fix that so badly. 

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