Goodbye Grandma

I have never really been extremly close to my grandparents. I cant remember ever meeting my grandfathers. But I do have memories of both of my grandmothers. My fathers mother died last December and it was a tradegy. 

Now i was already laying in bed. Ready to get some sleep (but still kind of looking at my phone). I swiped through facebook and saw an update by my sisters profile picture. It was a photo of my sister and our grandmother in another country. At first i thought it was just going to be a “wish you well” text, since grandma has been laying sick at a hospital for a while now. But then as i started reading i figured her life has gotten to an end. 

I remember in May, first time she saw me after 4 years. She was so happy. She instantly hugged me and had tears of joy. It had been such a long time, she was so proud of how big I had become now that I’m a teenager. She would always sit down in front of me from time to time just so stare at me. She said she was admiring my beauty. I was so flatterd everytime. I’m not very open, even to my family. Even so, that didnt stop my grandma from trying to get closer to me. She would sit next to me and ask me questions about the family, and all kinds of different things. It was nice, and I was happy to have such a grandmother. Everytime I left the house I always had to promise her I would be back and see her. 

I believe this year has been great for her. This year was the year she turned 80. That age was special to everyone, and for a whole year my mother and some aunts had planned a big party to celebrate her birthday. Distant family was invited, my grandmas sister was invites. Basiclly it was a giant reunion just for the sake of my grandmothers birthday. The whole family three came and it was a special night. Lots of photos were taken, activities and bondig. I miss that time, she was really happy aswell. 

I know, that I wasnt one of the closest to her. I believe things at the house she lived in is in the most tradegy right now. My grandmother was basiclly the Queen over there. Everyone took care of her, she was deeply respected as an elder. Now that shes gone things will change big time in all kinds of ways, the environment will change and there will be sadness for a time forward.

My grandmother was an amazing woman. She lived a long and filled life with a big family. A happy life. She will be rememberd. Rest In Peace Grandma, we all love you. 

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