Journal Day 45 – Fun, productive, tiring day

It’s 1:00 PM right now and some of the day has already passed. I’ll briefly write about what happened so far. Last night I went over to Wal-Mart to buy my leaving co-worker a farewell greeting card. This morning I brought it in to work and a few of us signed it. I collected some more money for the gift we were going to give her. The gift which is an Amazon Echo Dot actually arrived at my door this morning but we wouldn’t give it to her until her last day which is this Friday.

I also edited some of my Journal Day 44 entry this morning before posting it. From my conversation with Obs last night, she said that she wanted me to have more of an impact on her. I didn’t understand what she meant at the time, but I think I understand what she means now. I had to sleep on that question but in the morning I came up with a creative idea. I think it’ll be fun and meaningful to implement, it’s something we’ll both benefit from, and I’m going to have to email her later to see what she thinks.

So it’s 2:09 PM now and I still haven’t created a schedule for the day yet. 2:26 PM now. I said in a previous entry I was going to be heavily involved in the process of transitioning from my current position to a Solutions Engineer, and I didn’t know how heavily involved I would be at first. Now I realize it’s something I might have to spend time after work working on, which I’m fine with. I’m actually excited for this transition.

4:41 PM. Productive day mostly.

8:06 PM now. I sent Obs that email I talked about earlier.

I also realize that I have a lot of homework due tonight. I’d like to write more in this journal entry about what else occurred in the day, but first comes the homework because they’re due at midnight. There’s a lot of homework assignments that I have due, I’m pretty sure I can get them all done though.

One of the assignments, not due tonight because I luckily completed it during the weekend, is this assignment called the Forum Discussion assignment. There’s a question or group of questions that you have to answer, and then you have to reply to 3 other people’s answers either criticizing them or agreeing with what they shared. What I find funny is that most people respond positively and don’t criticize at all, so when you make a post, you’ll find a lot of long replies underneath basically telling you how great your post is and how right your idea was.

There’s a programming assignment I have to do now. I think the programming assignments we’ve received so far are extremely idiotic. Seriously, this class isn’t easy because of all the reading and quizzes you have to do, but when it comes to the programming section, they assign the most useless programs ever. What I’m tasked to do is to create a program that prints nine blank lines. This is 4 weeks in and this is the kind of program assigned to us. There’s a bit more instruction to it, but that’s basically what they’re asking for.

Well, I guess it’s because I’ve already taken this class before at a much higher difficulty and faster pace. But still, it’s way too easy. When I get to a higher course I’m sure I’ll be really slow to figure things out, while another person who has already taken the class is saying that everything is too easy.

Just finished doing all my homework assignments due today. The programming assignment was easy like how I described before, but the quiz was hard. You actually have to do the reading if you want to do well on the quiz, and the reading assignments per week is usually around 30-50 pages.

Anyway, for the most part the day was great. Person’s Name is leaving the company like I’ve been mentioning and I collected more money from people for the present we got her. I only bought one greeting card that only our team signed, but since I’ve been receiving money from people, I have a bit left over where I can buy another greeting card so people outside the team could sign.

I think I’m going to head out to Wal-Mart later tonight after posting this journal entry so I can buy another greeting card. She was very influential in my life at the company and taught me so many things. Even though it’s out of the way to go out and drive and buy something and come back home, I think it’s worth it since it’s her last day there on Friday.

I’m extremely sleepy, so I’m just going to go to bed. I can buy her the greeting card tomorrow morning. Right now my thoughts are all over because of how little sleep I got last night. It’s kind of weird how today was pretty much an awesome day.

The next two days are not going to be boring either hopefully. Tomorrow is picture day at the company where everyone gathers around to take one big company photo. Friday is Person’s Name’s last day, it’s also pay day and the first day in a long time I’ll have more money in the bank than I have in debt, and it’s also the day a new cool thing I ordered should arrive, and the day we give Person’s Name her greeting cards and parting gift.

I didn’t do this today, but tomorrow I’ll keep a schedule.

Selfie for the day

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  1. Megawatt, I don’t know where you get so much energy! Wow. I think it is super nice that you will have 2 cards and a gift for your friend on Friday. She will LOVE that!

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