Just Sayin’……

I have been caught up in the fever of Holiday shopping!

It has kept my mind busy. 

And to sleep at night I have discovered Melatonin. This is a sweet little supplement that allows me, or rather makes me fall asleep and stay asleep. Debbie can play on any of her devices and it does not prevent me from sleeping. I wake up clean and ready to go. I used it two nights in a row and on the Third I still fell fast asleep!

Sleeping better has eased things around here and she is not in as a foul mood either!

Debbie has progressed in her physical therapy! But she has been sick as of late, some bug has her tummy all messed up. I have made her potato soup, it seems to quell the beast rumbling in her tummy.

It has been raining here a lot lately, I have not ridden my motorcycle in a week now and I totally miss it! I am off tomorrow as her mom is going somewhere with her man friend. I do not mind staying home to help her around, and it will give me a chance to move stuff and start getting ready for Christmas!

I have a ton of gifts coming in via mail, UPS, and FedX. I was lazy this year and have had as many as possible wrapped by the shipper to save me time and grief!

My mood is greatly improved, but I still fear I am Bi-polar. And I know I am definitely ADD. I have been trying to build a static model airplane and it has been trying to say the least to stay focused. But I am improving as I have one wing assembly done and starting on the other.

I bought two pieces of furniture the other day at a thrift shop. Lovely little find that came out of a historic local hotel. I have a desk and chair that were in the Choo Choo, an old historic hotel in downtown. I am going back to the shop tomorrow and picking up a dresser as well! Oh yes, I purchase a nice print of a steam locomotive that hung in the room too. They are changing the hotel into lower income apartments in an attempt to lure people into living downtown. I could never imagine us living downtown in some tiny little apartment or condo. We had a friend, one long gone, that moved into downtown into one of those small condo’s. She paid $150,000 over ten years ago for a 600 square foot home! It was so small that the only room with full walls and a door was the bathroom! I could not imagine living like that and she was always trying to talk us into moving there. I can see us now in the limited parking, 3 motorcycles, the ATC (old Honda 3 wheel All Terrain Cycle), the Jeep and the Truck. Then we currently have a house full of memories and junk that we cannot part with!…*lol*

Anyway this old friend is no longer a friend. She was a raging Libtard, and one day I posted a picture of me in my Confederate uniform leaning against a cannon. She flamed me out on Facebook calling me a racist and to come into the modern world, that slavery ended 150 years ago. She did not take time to look into my photos and see me in my Federal uniform as well. I use to portray both types of soldiers, but to her I was a racist. She was even in our Wedding, but that one rant ended a once close friendship.

I cannot wait for the Christmas gifts to start arriving! I have some and I cannot wait to see their faces when they open them! I have to fight the urge to give Debbie and her Mom the presents as they arrive. On a very funny note, I went to the gun range we are members at and tried to get Debbie a Crimson Trace LASER for her GLOCK. She loves and shoots a .40 S&W cal. Model 22 GEN2 GLOCK. This Model is long out of date and the new models have a built in rail to afix a LASER Sight to. Hers requires a grip LASER. Well our range told me that they could not get one. so in desperation I ordered a LASER that replaces the guide rod on the GLOCK. It had mixed reviews, but I had to get something. She has trouble with her eyes and she really needs a LASER to assist in getting to and staying on target. Well I took a little ride across State lines to a out of the way gun shop and be damned they could get me a LASER by Crimson Trace to fit her gun!!!. So she will be getting two LASERs for Christmas! And while I was there I bought us a shared gift. They had something I have never seen before, 40 round magazines for our AR 15’s!! We typically shoot 30 round mags so this is great! When I go to pick up her LASER I am buying more of these mag’s! They have a sweet little lever action 12 gauge shotgun I might get as well! I found some .45-70 Bear Loads for my Marlin Cowboy Rifle, something of a rarity, they were $2.00 a round, and I will be getting more!!! Is it apparent that I am a bit of a gun nut!?!?! I have a fine selection of weapons, but there are still a few in my bucket list, I want a Uberti .45 LC steel frame “Henry Rifle” and to round things out I would love a Barrett .50BMG single shot bolt action with optics and bi-pod. Honestly I think I would stop my weapon buying at that point. Both are within my grasp, only have to “pull the trigger” and do it. Hard decision to drop $8,000 on two guns. If I get the lever action shotgun I may trade an old 1894 Remington double barrel  12 gauge with Damascus barrels and extractors for the new shotgun, just don’t know.

Well I should go now, time for dinner.

I bid you peace.

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