In my 20 years of age, I have never been as confused as I am now. What career should I pursue? What religion am I? Where should I work? When is it okay to say no? How can I help  my parents more? How can I contribute to our world more? Who the fuck AM I? Day to day, I bombard myself with these questions on the daily basis that in some way or form can never answer but sure as hell drive me further from the answer. Many of my friends seem sure of what they want, how they want, where they want…why is it so easy for them but not for me? You know, I was focused at once but as time flew, procrastination has become my best friend and anticipation my nemesis. Day to day, I hope to god that I don’t go insane, I don’t loose my ways because only he knows how much I have to prove and how much I have to loose; but in the end I am the only one to choose, shit .. i really hope i don’t loose my mind. 

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind”

  1. Hi, as someone with prior experience. Been there done that. Lost? confused? What’s life? Let me tell you, it’s normal! Many people surprisingly feel that way. It’s okay. It’s apart of life. It’s just reality hitting you. Early 20s are the years to learn and grow. Figure out what you want to do and discover your self identity. Do things you love and enjoy life. Personal tip, spend less time doing waste less brainless things, like wasting it on social media. work everyday to see out to what your goals are, or what you think they are? and start from there.

  2. I wish i had seen your comment before, would have helped me a lot then, still does but the sense that what you said is basically what I did. It’s nice to know there are still people out there who care for others, even strangers. Thank you!

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