December 10th / Love classical music

I have been listening to classical music a lot recently. I just cannot get bored of it. It has powers to sooth me as well as to energize me. I am planning on going to a city concert in downtown this afternoon. I am looking forawrd to it. 🙂

My morning ritual Day 54

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I could fall asleep easily last night. I am grateful to my husband for working hard so we can afford buying stuff. I am grateful for my healthy body.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours. I got to write some stories I have been working on at the park yesterday. I could focus and kept writing. The warm sun was beating on me and it was a quiet afternoon. It was a perfect way to spend time. 🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes  Did 90 minutes power yoga! ( my weekly goal)

4) Meditation   I did 25 minutes  meditation with audio

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude

Dear, Charlene,

You are like my mom to me. You are always there for me no matter where we are. Knowing that I have you in my life makes me feel so happy. You are the most generous person ever. Love you so much!

6)Do one small thing for generosity Did some of his chore

How my day is going

4:00 Got up/ Soy latte

6:00 Pre-workout snack/ banana

6:30  Did 90 minutes power yoga

8:30 Breakfast/ Rice, miso soup, egg salad, sausage

9-11   Teach

11:00 Left for downtown

12:00 had a doctor’s apo

12:30 Lunch/ chicken sandwich at Mcdonald

17:00 Dinner/ Fish, vegies, Tofu and fruits


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