Stand up Comedy Script

I think this could be funny but I can’t make the expressions nor those gestures that are required to make it funny. I also don’t have a video editor to add laughter in background like they do in videos. I can do it myself but I don’t want to I want my Stand up to be funny on video without adding background laughing sounds.

This is the script I wrote but couldn’t do it right. I need more practice. I’ll do it again today.

Asalam O Alaikum!
Stealing it’s a bad thing! Right?
A friend of mine told me he stole a cheap braclet from Pace but I think it’s OK
and I know you will think so too when I tell you that he did it for a girl and not
just any girl but a girl who stole his heart. She did stole his heart!
That justifies his actions right… right

When I was in high school we went to buy some decorations. We went to a shop
saw a few things they were little expensive we came out and returned to school
without buying much… alt least that’s what I though until one guy took
out two rolls of ribbon from his pocket and another a whole lot of flowers and another with 2 big flowers
They stole everything we needed. Talk about decoration in a budged.

Now when we were little I know everyone must have had something stolen form their bag, right?
I on the other hand experienced this phenomena in KIPS, Yeah!. Those stealing bastards. Whoever they were they kept stealing form my bag they kept on and on and on and that’s when I told the principal. He used all his power and influence as a principal and did absolutely nothing, talk about some management!
I left kips just after a month with 5 pen 3 ball pen and 2 removers stolen form my bag which is a lie I just made up… I can’t recall the exact number things stolen from my bag. This happened six years ago.

After I came out of a concert I was going toward my bike and I saw some people standing
suspiciously around my bike. They saw me I saw them and They all ran like turtles… that means they didn’t. Instead I ran towards them. They slowly walked away and kept walking, talk about some nerves! 
They were stealing Petrol form my bike but I stopped them and spoiled their plan along
with my petrol. In a hurry they spilled all the petrol they had taken out and left my petrol pipe open and leaking. Now I won’t tell you the name of organizers of that event for doing such horrible job protecting my bike but I will say that day I lost all faith in the administration of Punjab College.

But I still have faith that you will like this video and my Page for more. Until next time.


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