You are such an ass

         Why do you always poo-poo everything I do? I buy us a nice thick steak for dinner, fresh broccoli, and you wanted gross pre-made mashed potatoes so I got you some and I got fudgie brownie things with cream cheese frosting. First you give me shit because the steak I bought is too thick and it could be a roast, then you say you don’t like cream cheese frosting anymore. WTF is wrong with you? Every time I try to do something nice for you, you act like a bitch and point out the things that I did wrong rather than be grateful. Do you even KNOW that you are an ass??

2 thoughts on “You are such an ass”

  1. People like that will NEVER change. I know from experience. You were warm, thoughtful and caring and they crapped all over that. Run, if you can, run as fast as you can…it’s only the tip of the ice berg.

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