Day 286

Friday, December 9th 2016

Today was a good one, but a tad bit boring. Though, still good.

I started off the day with cooking class. We discussed a few things about what we’re gonna do next, and our teacher taught us about Christianity, since our next topic is Christmas food, so we needed to know the different branches and their influences on the food. I was paying close attention to make sure what she says wasn’t wrong, since I’m a Christian myself. Most were history facts, so I think she’s good. I also asked her when I was gonna do my test that I missed (I did asked at the end of the class so I didn’t have to do it that class, cause I didn’t feel ready), and she said she forgot (of course), so I’ll be doing it Monday.

I then had programming class and our teacher gave us a free period, but I decided to work on my website anyways. I filled in the sports section of my website and fixed a tiny bit of CSS.

At lunch I sat with Kohai and someone I sorta know came to sit with us, cause her friends didn’t show up. It was awkward since we didn’t really know each other, but found some topics to talk about now and then and some jokes we laughed at.

Then Kohai and I went to math. We started a new chapter and I understand sort of. I need to review it. Also, our teacher announced the next test will be on the last day before the holidays. Ugh.

I finished the day with technology and since my technology class has the same teacher as my programming class, I got a free period again. My teacher also mentioned something about me doing the morning announcements after Kohai and I were looking at a big television our teacher was setting up in the classroom along with some microphones, which I’m okay with as long as Kohai or someone I know well joins me. Kohai and I talked about some things and tried playing a bit of Minecraft, since the school unblocked the website, but servers didn’t work. I also downloaded the wrong Pixelmon thing, so couldn’t play that, but now that I saw servers didn’t work, not sure if I’ll be able to play anyway.

When I got home I played some Civilization V, and I took back one of my cities from England, then ate, then played on the server and got quite a few things from the drop party, but nothing really that I can give to Kohai, since it was something we’d usually put in public chests of my polis, and I worked on a few secret things on there that I can’t mention yet. There’s also a staff member that’s just been giving one of the owners attitude and causing so many problems since the beginning. She gave her so many chances, but I’ve always had a bad feeling about her and the owner finally decided to demote her in a couple of days. Don’t worry Kohai, if you’re reading this, it’s not you. I think you’d know anyway, cause you don’t give the owners attitude, haha. Also, don’t tell anyone.

I’m gonna go watch an episode of Supernatural and eventually talk to Megg. I’ll write the conversation (hopefully I remember) next entry, since usually I write my entries before we talk. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention the other day that I discussed about what I wrote in one of my entries, so that he would say advice that I already know and such, with him, and it’s moving forward. He gave me good advice and I feel more confident in our friendship.

That’s all for today.

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