Hello Saturday

I’m so happy you are here .. it’s been the usual busy working week .. Thursday turned out to be a little stressful .. In the morning, I attended a safeguarding meeting and a fire drill on top of my usual caseload .. Lunchtime came and went before getting back to the office with an action point to do issued down from the very top .. no problem, it was a fairly simple action, no, it turned out to be a most frustrating hour and half by which point I threw my hands up and informed one of my managers, enough, I had other things I needed to work on, thankfully management are pretty cool.

By 5 o’clock I was happy to see the end of that particular work day .. I checked my phone and found a message .. an engineer will be with you between 12 and 5 tomorrow .. what?????? who???? I waited until I reached home before phoning the said number, mystery solved, it turned out to be the company who had fixed my boiler last month but still needed a part to be replaced .. obviously they don’t realise people have a working life and I can’t take time off just like that so after many umm’s and much ahh’s it was finally agreed they would come out on my next scheduled day off which is only a week away now .. 

The evening went by without event until my phone distracted me once again with a random message .. my lodger, “I won’t be home tonight” .. okay then, in the 3 years he has lived with me, he comes and goes as he pleases and there are plenty of times he hasn’t come home with notice .. so the text was .. weird and required no response ..

Friday morning dawned .. yay .. but I was tired, most likely from the stress of the previous day .. half an hour into my working day I found the information required to begin the action which had caused me so much stress, that done I am waiting on another to provide me with the answers I need to move forwards, I would tap my fingernails on the desk in the rhythm of the drum but I’m just too busy .. 

Finally, a favourite time of my week arrives and I am homeward bound half an hour earlier than usual, my reward for covering a colleague on leave for today .. I was looking forward to spending the evening with my daughter and her boyfriend .. we made a dish of chilli and put up the Christmas tree, decorating it with gold and silver baubles, some owls which were last year’s favourite and finally a gingerbread person each took its pride of place .. I will take a picture once I’ve cleared it’s perfect spot for it’s perfect pose .. with the tree dressed and dinner shared my week had come to a perfect end .. my lodger arrived home and I watched Adele’s show from NYC .. Love Adele with a voice which always makes me sit up and take notice ..

Now Saturday is here, I woke up late at 9 am which is late for me .. the day is dark and damp outside but can’t complain about the Great British Weather, it has been unusually mild all week with winter’s sunshine .. I am not fussed on making plans for today .. I am spending my time with coffee, music and writing to catch up with myself .. my mind is however, making plans for the run up to Christmas .. still today, I shall concentrate on cleaning out my living room, paying my phone bills and taking a little walk out later for any necessities and definitely a treat .. Happy Saturday .. 🙂

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