Orgasm a natural medication

Recentley tension headaches have been constant, so I went to for a Thai massage to help relieve any tension from my body.

I felt refreshed for a few hours after but then the headache returned but ten times worse. 

The pain was unbearable, not even the strongest pain killers helped.  So in the end I decided that perhaps maybe an orgasm might help.  I got one of my new vibrators out and had a little play and voila!  The pain has subsided!  It’s not completely gone but had certainly died down!


One thought on “Orgasm a natural medication”

  1. Your title made me think this was an advertisement haha

    Also a more powerful pain reliever than pain medication or even orgasms, is taking a very hot shower. I used to have a kidney stone, women say the pain is the same or worse than giving birth, and taking a hot shower got rid of all the pain.

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