Piss take

Piss take, I go to work, running around trying to get car fixed sort my bf xmas and birthday pressys. I am still ill with fluid in my lungs, and infections. I come home with goodies for my bf and what a surprise the house was in the same state and so is the garden. Oh sorry the hover had been unplugged but still wood having a all over hallway from 2 days befor. So I cleaned upstairs only took me an hour! My boy friend has had all day nearly. Then I got on with some more work that I have just stopped because I am pissed off and tired at 11:15.  his family that was only staying until 10:00 is still here at 11:47.  He can be so selfish at times it makes me fill physically sick. And over all that he expects me to get stuff for him and run around for him. Fuck this shit I need to numb these emotions. NOW! Just keep ya mouth shut or it will turn into an argument and how nasty I am and how I have no right to comment or say any think because if it was my family I would not say any think. Fuck off I have told my family in the past when I am tiered or thinking of doing some think with my boyfriend to go or I’m not coming around, etc. But he forgets all the times I have put him first before my mum and dad and people closest to me before he come along. Time to knock my self out. Night night people. 

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