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Hello, I’m Maria as you probably know already. I got my second name “Maria” from the mother of Jesus. I also have another first name that i got by my grandmother from my fathers side. I have a nickname as “Hayley”, why is probably because of my hair and my style (related to Hayley Williams). 

I’m half Asian and half European. I was born and raised in europe my entire life, and do not know much of my asian culture. My life in Europe is a mess and not very happy and filling, but this is were my life is. Here is were i study in order to get a happy future. When I visit Asia my life is turned upside down and Its almost like im living a dream. I go to asia whenever life in europe becomes too much. 

My appearance? I’m a short person here in Europe but average height in Asia. I’m about 156cm. I’m thin and really just a small person. My hair is the only thing with extreme colors. Right now its pink (had it for a long time, starting to believe its natural as I cant get rid of it). My eyes are brown. My style is mixed, sometimes I wear all black. Other times I wear just outfits that i think fit together. I love fashion. I wear glasses from time to time, whenever i feel like. 

My hobby is basiclly photography. That is mostly because I’m scared of missing out on the world or forget memories so i capture them just in case (too keep them forever). I also really love writing, not sure why but it seems to be something I can without too much thinking. 

In my free time I usually sit at home and play games both on computer or playstation. I watch anime at times, and also dramas from all around the world (american, korean, japanese). If i’m not at home im most likely out forcing my friends to take pictures in order for me to build up my skills. 

My personality is weird. I am a Scorpio if that says anything (starsign). Im generally silent and very calm. I don’t really judge people, as I don’t really care about people around me anyways. Whenever I get mad, i have a tendence to threaten people. Or getting violent.. but thats rare. Im really good with words, which makes me great at comebacks. Mostly I’m an understanding person. Instead of judging people, i put myself in their position and think hard about it. Even tho im understanding, im still bad at supporting as im a really awkward person in those situations. 

If I ever died and had a funeral, I believe alot of people would attend and would most likely be in sorrow for a long time. I have friends here and there. I have been living in the same town since forever so most of my friends are from far far back in time. Even tho I have lots and lots of friends, Im still very lonely. I have a problem of locking myself and thinking more about other than myself. When im silent people often think I dont like them. Since im like this people also think that I hate everyone and dont want friends, which is why noone bothers approaching me. Another problem. 

In my future I would like to be a reporter. Its a career people would be very surpised of if i told them. Being a reporter sounds like fun, and completely outside of my comfortzone (but who cares, I dont). I also have archologist and psychologist in the back of my mind. And photographer and author as a plan B. I would like to travel the whole world and live my life to the fullest so it will be rememberd. 

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