Ready to give up

I decided to find out more about CPTSD in order to help myself, I did a lot of research online to find out about emotional flash backs, it turns out Iv been having them every day and not even knowing. I thought o would share what I had found out with my ¬†friend cos I often get upset and angry with him and wanted to make him aware of why and tell him about what I found out. It didn’t go well at all he took what I told him the wrong way and accused me of comparing him to my ex and saying he wasn’t supportive. He blew the hole thing out of proportion and held me responsible for the way I feel when it’s not that at all it’s emotional flash backs and I can’t control them, it really upset me that he didn’t understand where I was coming from, I was only trying to help him better understand me, he’s now not talking to me and i now have lost close to everyone but the worse thing is Iv lost the one person who has been there for me though everything all because I decided to do something for myself. I don’t know what to think anymore, no matter what I do I get nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Ready to give up”

  1. Broken Wings, why are you giving up? People here have given you their contact information, contact them. We want to help you. What are you doing making these worrying public posts if you’re not going to accept assistance from other people?

    Don’t shut yourself off from the world. You’re trying to reach people, and then when people try to reach back, you retreat. Keep reaching.

  2. Hi Butterfly. You did well to learn more about your condition. It’s enlightening! Your boy friend maybe couldn’t handle it, but he’ll come around. It will be okay. Don’t stop trying to communicate, dear. You have my email address. As Megawatt said, reach out to those of us who want to “be” there for you. Love and peace to you.

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