I’ve been alone for several years now and for the most part I’m fine. I work a lot and for the most part don’t have time to feel alone. I have dated over the time but seems like who I date always seems to have a past love come back into their life or were never totally sold on me and they find someone better. What I just don’t understand is why they still want to be friends? Im not good enough to love but when they are down I’m the one they contact. Just doesn’t make sense.

Now I’ve found myself falling in love with someone 2000 miles away. I’m fine waiting while we work things out but it sucks feeling alone. All the women I’ve dated including my ex wives have boyfriends or are married but from some reason God has chosen for me to be alone. Instead of enjoying this time with someone I care about, I spend it alone. Craving company. Just someone to have a real conversation with. Someone to curl up and watch a movie. Someone to make love to and hold. I’ll survive I’m sure, it just really sucks at times and days like this I sit here and fight off the tears. I’m ready God. Can’t it be my time? Can’t it?

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