Day 287 – Christmas tree, server and book

Saturday, December 10th 2016

Today was a relaxing one. I realised I didn’t do all that much, but then again, I never do on weekends. I did do some good things though.

I woke up around 9:30 am. I did the usual, eat breakfast, watch YouTube, then by the time I was dressed and all, it was 11:45 am. That’s when I started decorating the Christmas tree with my mom a little. I was careful while doing so, cause we used to always overdress the Christmas tree where it looked like it wasn’t even a tree anymore, but a pile of ornaments and such. We stopped doing that last year though, when I mentioned to my dad how it didn’t look pretty cramped with a ton of things, and he agreed, so we decided to add a little less. The tree isn’t done since my brother and my dad has to decorate the rest. Usually we do it all together, but my brother has been busy with exams.

Other than that, I went on the server for the snowman building competition. Unfortunately, not many players showed up. It was only staff. I was disappointed, since I was looking forward to it for so long. Though, I won by one point and got a Regice. Already have one, but the IVs are slightly better (but still bad), it’s enormous instead or ordinary, and doesn’t have a bad nature. I plan on giving my first Regice to somebody for Christmas.

I then hosted a boat racing event for 500G as a winning price (G is money in the server, so gold), and then hide and seek for 250G. I asked the owners what they wanted me to give as a prize and they replied that they wanted me to figure out prizes on my own (most likely so I can become more independent in hosting events), so I decided to go with gold, since it’s something players often try to get.

I then helped out a player who broke a rule, took a break by watching YouTube Star Wars related things, such as origins and meanings, but most were from the Expendanded Universe, which isn’t cannon anymore cause of Disney. I’m disappointed, since I’m now interested in the EU. I think the EU is called Legends now? Or Alternative Universe? No clue.

After I ate, I watched The DeVinci Code with my family. It barely kept my attention. The only reason why I stayed was for Cyrus—I think his name was, since he was unique looking and twisted, which is the type of characters that interest me the most and cause my parents wanted to watch it together. I don’t hate the movie, but I didn’t like it either. I’m neutral about it.

Megg emailed me some info about our book. He sent me our roles (which I thought was perfectly assigned) and I’m really excited for it. I also plan on using my real name for it, but I’m not gonna mention it here until it is published. Also, Megg and I talked not long ago and he said he plans on making me productive during my teenage years and I’m glad, since one thing I need is a motivator. We also talked yesterday and I had a lot of fun. I enjoy talking to him.

That’s all for today.

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  1. XD I already think you’re more productive than I am. I just have a more refined mindset on how to better spend my time because of my experience having gone through what you have.

    Anyway you’ll learn all about those experiences as we work on the book together and it’ll reshape how you think and behave as well.

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