Fire pt. 3

I know i’ve been away for a couple of days and i apologize for that, life has been catching up with me, i’ve started to stress out about work and my current relationship, that is for another time thought.

Where was I? Oh yes, the disregard for other peoples feelings. I sat in his room, uncomfortable, i hadn’t seen his face in years. He had Hamburger sheets on his bed, and figurines of sexy anime girls. Sounds like a loser, I know, but he’s a hearthrob i swear. So I sat there and we talked for a little, and then he did it. He made the first move, it had been two years almost since I had kissed someone, or even hugged anyone other than someone in my family.

We made out an did the deed a couple times that day, when it was time for me to leave we said our farewells, and then he asked when the next time i could visit would be. I suggested next week and this went on for months, i’m talking until like, October, when sadly my John Doe had to leave, on a military call i suppose.

 We got caught by his girlfriend more than once. But he lied to her, like it was nothing and she believed him. I dont really know if she bought into everything he would tell her thought. I feel as if she accepted the fact that he was having an affair, and she knew how much of an extravagant person he was to just let him go. He truly is a treasure. 

 When October came, i cried when he left, not because i would never see him again. My mother was also leaving the state at the same time, and i guess i just got emotional. I know now how ridiculous it seemed of me to cry in front of him. There were only a few tears though. He sang that one song from the Breakfast Club to me before he went though. You know the one that goes “Don’t you, forget about me…” that really cracked the egg and the tears really let loose, but i dried them quick as my ride came to pick me up. On the way home “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac came on.

My heart hurt for the first time in years. It was that kind of hurt where it feels like your soul is being sucked into an abyss inside of your stomach, and your throat gets choked up, and you cant seem to breath, and your mind just collapses.

 I missed him.

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