My Sunday journal

11:18 AM in the Starbuck down the street. So glad they opened up a coffee shop right down the street from me where I can just come and write journals that I postponed. I just wrote past 3 journals from this Thursday shows me how lazy I was this week. This year is almost gone and I don’t really look like I have been being productive lately. Gotta come up with some plans to change myself.

Not much going on today. Glad to have time like this to organize my thoughts and feel like I probably need more time to do this more to set plans for rest of the year and the 2017. J and Smriti are moving back to India today probably just took off in O’hare. So sad to see them going and feel sorry for not being there in Chicago to say goodbye. However, we all know that we will see again. It does not seem like a skating weather today. Not sure if people will still go to Alondra skate park today. 11:23 PM gotta head out soon for 12 PM service at Zoe’s church. Well, that’s it for now. Will come back later tonight.

Church, lunch at Chipotle then skate park in Redondo beach area. I suppose to meet up with couple more skaters but nobody actually came out today lol. However, I had a fun time skating in the park after a long break. Back home, shower then headed out to Starbucks to work on my blog article. I noticed that Anton was there while I was walking toward to there and found him still there at around 5 PM. I ended up just talking to him instead till Ruly came to pick me up.

Finally went to spicy rice cake place on 6th and ate as much I want. It’s still little awkward some times but had a fun time with her overall. Went to grab a glass of beer after followed by strolling at Echo park. Back home after 11 PM and went sleep right away for tomorrow. Good day!

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