Why don’t I listen?

Dear world,

I don’t know why but everyone always thinks I never listen to them. I always think I am listening to people so this catches me by surprise. It happens all the time, even to people I am extremely close with.
I fucking listen.
I always hear what people say to me and take it in.. Maybe I don’t act on it suddenly but I have my own pace at things that I change in my life and if it’s a hard situation, that’s not going to be super fast.
I try my best for people.
Why do they not see that a lot of the time?

2 thoughts on “Why don’t I listen?”

  1. Hi Different! You can solve this problem. One, be sure to make frequent eye contact. If the conversation gets serious, give even more eye contact. Two, nod at times, or put your hand on their arm if they are crying. That’s three I guess. Also, feed back to them the information they just gave you. “I understand. You need me to alphabetize these forms…” or “I’m sorry you got hurt in your parents’ divorce.” Try these and good luck! Blessings to you!

  2. Try asking the other person more questions. Alot of people, even though they might not realise it, respond with their own story but sometimes people just want to know they are heard and not switch the conversation over to you.. Idk I hope it helps

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