A Stitch In Time

Good Evening Sunday,

The weekend has been productive and my mood up despite a disappointing Sunday morning which shelved my original plans for the day.

I did all of what I said I would do yesterday though the living room still needs some work.

I actually did some sewing .. my favourite floaty dress had a little hole appearing where the stitching was coming away at the seam and I wanted to wear it on Monday for a working Christmas lunch just because it is a shade of red .. sewed it .. washed it .. dried it .. ironed it .. put it on a hanger .. I’m so pleased with myself.

Speaking of clothing .. I sorted and organised the shelf running along the inside of my wardrobe full of clothes nearly falling out the doors .. my mission .. trousers, jeans, leggings, you get the picture .. some went into a bag already half filled with jeans destined for a different home and now I am left with a pile to try on before moving along the line ..

In between all this, I decided to take a walk into town just as the sun was starting to set .. it was a brisk walk as I could feel the evening chill making its way under a sky of beautiful pink hues .. I chose to buy a framed blank canvas and acrylic paints to go in my son’s Christmas parcel as he has an artistic flair but I am not sure he has tried this style of art!

The bus home came without me waiting and I was back in the warmth ready to watch the final of the xfactor .. fabulous ending to a show I’ve been watching since its auditions.

It’s now nearly 3 am and already another new day has come .. I did actually go to bed but tossed and turned despite my chocolatey bedtime drink some two and a half hours ago.

I must try again and get some Zzzzzzz’s before the birds chirps and the bells ring.

Goodnight, Goodnight Journal.

2 thoughts on “A Stitch In Time”

  1. I hope you could go back to sleep and had sweet dreams.. 🙂

  2. Thank you Nami .. I fell straight into sleep until my alarm sang out .. 🙂

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