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As a constant learner of the ever evolving consciousness, I tend to research various attributes of specific studies to conceptualize data in a way that makes sense. During this process, I have come across the Jung personality type profile test. I’d first uncovered this method several years back, and then again more recently. What makes the test undeniably interesting is the accuracy of results; and not only that, but the fact that I have received the same result on four separate occasions. The letters to which define somebody of my personality are I N T J which stands for ‘introverted’ ‘intuitive’ ‘thinking’ ‘judging’ – what a pip.

While scanning through the wordy responses of what makes me who I am, my mind began to drift in deep thought: During my observation of facts, I often pull up YouTube to play such music as performed by Porcupine Tree, Brian Eno, Van Der Graaf Generator, Ozric Tentacles et. al. Back when I did have a Facebook, absolutely nobody else had knowledge of this type of music unless I named the more well known bands of that genre such as Pink Floyd or Rush (which is too commercialized for me.) It was in that simple observation that I understood that I am in a unique class of my own. There were some people who cited having boredom listening to some of the music I would share, and they stated this as because there weren’t lyrics. Of all my years producing art in either poetic form, illustration or other forms of creative expression, I’ve personally found the lyrics to be a disturbance in the thinking process. Original thought should come from deep within you in order for it to truly be expressed. That’s not to say everyone is like me. Kurt Cobain, for example, listened heavily to punk rock and later made a styled version of his own which gave us the birth of grunge.

While working on a basis theory for a paranormal experience I had encountered, I received a lot of criticism from those in a group I formerly worked with. One of their complaints was my desire to think and act alone in my own researches. It was, after all, my own personal experience and I wanted to uncover the facts on my own. The others were the type of personality who accepted everything as a solid fact and maybe because they wanted to believe in the hype the paranormal television shows cause. An example of this is those who overuse “it’s demonic” scaring already concerned people. I logically felt that this group really didn’t have the credentials they boasted – their promise is that they are scientific and will diligently debunk something before laying claim to something other than elemental or otherwise describable. Not all of them were this irresponsible, there were a handful who were more like me; the ones who would look much deeper into something before concluding. The most logical approach most often is that nobody is a true expert, especially in the paranormal sciences. I am a researcher, an observer, and a level minded individual who will use science and other factual approach to seek out an answer. Because I do approach the work in that way, this offended the others and they found a way to release me. Apparently they’d rather hand out fiction to already frightened people. I didn’t mind the separation from such a false collection of individuals who didn’t have a concern about uncovering the truth. A bag of bullies, if you think about it.

As I began working solo, I came to terms in knowing that it may continue for the duration of my life just like that. The I N T J personality type discusses how these types always prefer a very small circle of contact as opposed to copious amounts. Quality over quantity – I have one true friend and I am content with that. I’ve never been amused by a large crowd. My energy among gatherings depletes very quickly as well as I feel pulling anxieties that have convinced me some time ago that I should not put myself through that trouble. There’s a responsibility to this however. For the school-goer, I am aware that her personality type is likely quite different than mine and I will overcome my personal discomfort to introduce her to social events and other situations that may better suit her and assist her in her growth. Parenting doesn’t mean holding the child back because you may not like something. It means setting yourself aside within reason to allow suitable space for the child to grow into who he or she is. It is important to always remember that everyone, including your own children aren’t psychologically designed similar to you and thus you must acknowledge their preferences and best assist them in a way that is healthy and practical.

To read more about my specific personality type, go here: and perhaps try the test on yourself. You’ll enjoy learning about yourself and discovering how accurate it is.

OR listen to some real thought provoking music like I described above. You may or may not enjoy it. 

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  1. XD

    Yeah I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test in the past when an English substitute teacher gave it to us instead of actually teaching us English material. My result at the time was ENTP, I’m not sure what it would be now or if it’s still the same, this was years ago.

    Also I want the paranormal to exist. From most conversations I’ve had with people, most people believe the paranormal is real. But I’ve never seen it, and I constantly wish that it were real. If ghosts were real for example, then I wouldn’t fear death, because the existence of ghost means there is an afterlife. But since ghosts are not real, I fear death, because I know life is short and we only have a limited time here.

    Thank you for sharing your entry.

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