Day 288 – Church, games and the book

Sunday, December 11th 2016

Today was a good one.

I woke up around 8:30, surprisingly, since I went to bed around midnight, or, at least I think I did (usually I wake up around 9:30). Anyway, I went to church and this time things seemed a little less organised. I discovered it was when a member of the church was laughing about how she had to improvise some things. Oh well, there was little different things from usual such as four people singing a song in three different languages and kids players instruments such as the piano and violin.

When I got home I ate, spent an hour watching Jacksepticeye’s The Last Guardian first let’s play (I was going to watch PewDiePie’s, but his commentary wasn’t doing it for me in this let’s play and Jacksepticeye was a much bigger fan of The Shadow of Colossus so he would fanboy a lot more and since I’m a fangirl, I find things like that more entertaining), then I went to play Dead by Daylight with the owners and then went on the server. I spectated players for a while and then worked on my super secret thing I can’t mention cause Kohai reads these things. 

I then took a break from that and watched YouTube, as well as wrote some questions for Megg’s and I book. It took me a while to think of which questions to ask, but I’m really pleased with the ones I came up with.

I ate supper, watched some more The Last Guardian, did some math homework (which was long and repetitive), then studied a tiny bit for my cooking class test tomorrow, while taking tiny second breaks by answering questions the players had on the server through Discord, as well as talking to Megg. He said he has a best selling author friend with other best selling author friends which she will ask them to spread the word, as well as she will review our book and interview us when we’re done, which is super exciting. I’m glad I met Megg. He has been a big motivator for me, and motivation is something I’ve been struggling to find for a long time.

I’m gonna go ask if I can watch Supernatural then go to bed.

That’s all for today.

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